Saturday, July 4, 2015

White and Colorful Rooms

White rooms need not be bland and boring. An important decision I made while finishing our house is to paint every room white. It will take us years to decorate just how we want our home to be and to be honest, we aren't in a rush. That's why I think white will stand the test of time. That being said, it doesn't mean the decor necessarily needs to be sterile. Above are great examples of vibrant and inspiring rooms which scream out to you to take a seat and cozy up. I think bold furniture, creative decor ideas (see colorful books and dark bookcase panelling) and fun lighting make a bigger statement in a bare room. 

What do you think of all white?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bedding + Linens : Parachute's White Linen Launch

Midsummer is finally upon us and there’s nothing more satisfying than waking up to that warm and gentle summer morning light while stretching and rolling around in bed. I’m a crisp white linen kind of girl. I like the fresh look and feel that reminds me of when I wake up on vacation, whether it's in a cozy cabin deep in the woods or on the seaside with a gentle breeze and misty air. 

That's why I'm excited to help announce Parachute's new White Linen Launch (link here). Their collection is available in white and fog (ps. great name for the shade!) and its fabric is natural, light and breathable; perfect for summer. To top it off, everything is dyed and washed for a softened look which only gets better over time.  

I'm a believer that great linens set the tone for your bedroom and personally, I rather be serene. Luxurious bedding (which doesn't translate into expensive!) invites you to spend more time being confortable in the room you spend most of your day in.

The best part is that Parachute has partnered with Nothing But Nets, an organization that shares their interest in providing safe sleep to those in need. Parachute has committed to sending one life-saving bed net for every Venice set sold.

I truly hope this post encourages you to rethink your bedding! 

Ps. Photos are courtesy of Parachute (big thank you). You can find the White Linen Launch here.

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