Sunday, September 28, 2014

Avocado Toast (Indian summer inspired breakfast)

The Indian summer weather we've been having is coming to an end. I got tired of eating cereal so this morning I took a look around in my fridge and made an avocado spread. Actually, my avocado was sitting on the counter, but you get the picture. Just mix avocado, cilantro, lemon juice and salt and it's an easy substitute for mayo or other fatty spreads. 

I'm really grateful this horrible weekend is coming to an end. I'm ready for a new week and a fresh start. 

Cheers to colourful breakfasts!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baking Rugelach

I'm more of a baker than a cook. I'm intimidated by the lengthy process of cooking a meal from scratch and I definitely don't know how to be smart about my grocery list. I'm jealous of those who can pick out random ingredients from their fridge and whip up a meal. That is why I like to bake. I always have flour, eggs and sugar in the pantry and who needs scented candles when you are baking cookies and other baked goods?

I've had the Martha Stewart baking handbook for many years now and embarrassingly enough, I've only made a few recipes. However, those that I've tried, I've made over and over... and over again (it's how I discovered popovers!). Since I got my first Kitchen Aid mixer on Friday, I flipped through every page of the cookbook to try something new. I had a craving for cinnamon buns but when I stumbled on the pictures of the Rugelachs, I just had to make these little crescents. 

The dough is cream cheese based and the apricot spread gives a nice kick to the chocolate filling. Rugelach I learned, finds its origins in the jewish tradition and literally means "little twists". For different filling alternatives, you can find inspiration here.

 Just started my Sunday morning with one of these little guys and a cup of coffee. Ah, my definition of a perfect day. 

Are you a baker or a cook?

You can find Martha Stewart's recipe for Rugelachs here.

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